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Why do I write?

It's simple, really. I write to delight readers (and myself) with storytelling. I write to get people to think and talk about the issues explored in my novels. And, most importantly, I write to inspire future generations of writers and artists to develop their own craft and put their stories out there for the world to see. Because more than anything, the world needs original, diverse stories. And I want to read them all – including yours. 

You can take this empire back...

It's here! The Vitruvian Heir, Book I: The Unraveling is now available! This newly revised and expanded 5th-anniversary edition contains gorgeous character illustrations, book club questions, a sneak peek at Book II: The Awakening, and more! Get yours today on Amazon in print or Kindle


Chanticleer Book Reviews

An intelligent and futuristic new YA series. Quasi-Orwellian realm riddled with a sinister and suppressive regime...enthralling!

5-Star Reader's Favorite

The Clothes That Make You is a beautiful, timeless story written by a skilled hand.

5-Star Reader's Favorite

L.S. Kilroy has written a poignant and intriguing tale in Heart Like Eyes. I loved the themes running through this book of change and rebirth and that it is never too late to become a better person.

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