A boat. A heart. A promise.

"L.S. Kilroy always surprise and delights with her story lines, and this latest work is no exception. There is no way you will guess how this one ends. If you're looking for an entrancing summer read - or a great read for any season - you've found your book!"                                                                                                            Amazon Reviewer


C. William Perkins, Steampunk Reviews

"Kilroy builds a unique world every bit as frightening as Orwell's 1984 out of the basic building blocks of a classic fantasy. It may be a little heavy at times, but she somehow keeps it inspiring and YA appropriate without ever compromising her ambitious vision."

Amazon Reviewer

"The Vitruvian Heir reminds me of The Handmaid’s Tale. Like Margaret Atwood, Kilroy seems to have a knack for creating rich emotional depths and conflicts within characters, while also counterpointing that depth with notably detached descriptions of disturbing events and uneasy encounters."

Steampunk Journal

"The Vitruvian Heir is a deeply political book ... It shows humanity up for what it is; an unchanging, scared beast that can only lash out at what it's afraid of."

5-Star Reader's Favorite

"The Clothes That Make You is a beautiful, timeless story written by a skilled hand."                                         

North Shore Magazine photo of author L.S. Kilroy


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