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The Vitruvian Heir, Book II: The Awakening IS HERE!

If you find yourself attracted to a villain,
it doesn't mean that you are one. 

With the fate of Vitruvia resting in her hands, young Lore

has decisions to make and enemies to shake. See what

happens in the second installment of this riveting trilogy

as a young woman steps into the role she's both

doomed and destined to play.

2022 Big NYC Book Award Winner

Why do I write?

It's simple, really. I write to delight readers (and myself) with storytelling. I write to get people to think and talk about the issues explored in my novels. And, most importantly, I write to inspire future generations of writers and artists to develop their own craft and put their stories out there for the world to see. Because more than anything, the world needs original, diverse stories. And I want to read them all – including yours. 

What are people saying?

Chanticleer Book Reviews

An intelligent and futuristic new YA series. Quasi-Orwellian realm riddled with a sinister and suppressive regime...enthralling!

E.E. Holmes, Bestselling Author of The Gateway Trilogy

“Readers will revel in The Vitruvian Heir. Kilroy deftly weaves a magic spell over the reader with her gorgeous prose, bringing Lore’s rich and vibrant steampunk world to dazzling life. I can’t wait to finally get my hands on the sequels!”

Zachary Flye, Zach's YA Reviews

“I highly recommend this book to lovers of steampunk, fierce and strong heroines, and The Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver.”

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