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10 Reasons Lore Fetherston Is Vitruvia's Kickass Heroine

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

"Lore really is the best thing about this book –a smart, sassy, and courageous individual who is utterly relatable." –Amazon Reviewer

She set her hair high in a tight knot, the only movement in the fringe of bangs that fell into her eyes, so innocent in their deception. Silent as the soft breeze from the west that blew through the windows, even the steel-toed boots that fit like gloves on her slender calves made no noise, although if she wanted them to, they could crush a human skull. That was the beauty of their design, the beauty of her design – a delicate angel built to destroy, light as a petal and as lethal as a Black Widow that creeps in corners, waiting for the right moment to strike. Now was that moment.


In a nightmarish future, one girl holds the key – to rebellion. In this world of patriarchal dominion, Lorelei "Lore" Fetherston, an aristocrat with a forbidden talent for writing, is more privileged than most. But when she inherits a powerful legacy that can set her free, she's tempted to throw caution to the wind – though running from her wedding to gentle Gideon, her childhood confidante, is a risk not worth taking.

But this isn't her only dilemma. Her heart has always been with Fallon, the brooding ward of the current emperor and heir to the Vitruvian throne, and she's finding it harder to resist his melancholy charms.

Will she escape to carve out a new life or accept her role as a dutiful wife? Well, you'll just have to read The Vitruvian Heir, Book 1: The Unraveling to find out. But in the meantime, here are some of the best lines that prove why she's a loyal friend, a smart cookie, and a kickass protagonist whom readers can't help but root for.

1. “Really? It’s actually in someone’s job description to make sure female students aren’t published?” Lore couldn’t help flouting propriety to ask this. It just seemed too absurd for reality.

2. “I don't want to live in a world where I can't write, where I'm considered inferior, where I'm at the mercy of men all the time.”

3. “I’ll see you in the morning.” She gave Fallon another disapproving look. “Make sure he gets in okay, and shame on you for getting him so drunk. You know he’s not like you.” He smirked. “What’s got you all upset tonight? Getting cold feet?” “Do you really need to ask me that?” She bent down close and whispered, “I think you know what’s gotten everyone upset, and I can’t believe your father just sat there and allowed his authority to be usurped by that wretched piece of excrement masquerading as a man.”

4. She brushed his hand away and spoke with the same resolve as Martha had earlier. “I’m beginning to question everything.”

5. She wasted no more time, but rose from the middle of the row, her two Renards pointed with deadly accuracy at her targets.

6. “What in bloody hell?” she heard him mutter as he saw the tip of the gun pointing up at him from her nether parts. Bloody hell is right, she thought, and wasted no time pulling the trigger.

7. “This is your problem, Soy. Look at all the trouble you’ve caused yourself because you fall too hard and too fast. You give your heart away like it’s nothing.”

8. “Yes,” Lore snapped. “Those other men deserved it and so did this one. Why shouldn’t he be dumped there the same way those women were?”

9. “I happen to be the daughter of Lord Clarence Fetherston of the Tree Vale, and I want justice for the wrongs committed here.”

10. “I don’t deny that my friend’s actions were sinful. But yes, I felt compelled to protect her, because even though she did wrong, what would have served as her punishment felt even more wrong – and brutal, and frankly, uncivilized. I couldn’t allow it.” “That was not for you to decide,” interjected Bishop Faraday. “No, it wasn’t. But I did it, anyway.” That's right – she did it, anyway. Want more of Lore? Thought so. You can have it! Order The Vitruvian Heir, Book I: The Unraveling now for the first part of her story.

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