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You're the best!

Thanks so much for subscribing! Don't forget to check your email. There should be a message from me that links to your FREE excerpt from Book I. I hope you enjoy it! 

What now? Well, there are a few actions you can take from here. If you'd rather just read the whole darn thing, it's pretty cheap on Kindle. 

If you read it and love it (or even just like it well enough), please consider leaving reviews on Amazon and Goodreads! As an indie author, reviews are super helpful in raising my rank number and getting more people to see the book (and hopefully buy it)!

Finally, if you feel like you're probably gonna want to jump on The Vitruvian Heir, Book II: The Awakening as well, it's also available. Happy reading!

This gorgeous illustration of Lore and Fallon was done by artist lilithsaur. 

comission_The Vitruvian Heir_lore_fallon_dying_4x6 (1)_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_
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